Are your photos real and recent?

Yes, that is me in the photos and the photos were taken in 2016 & 2017. To view the most recent photos please click 'Gallery'

 I have had negative experiences with Asian escorts in past... Are you a real person?


Forget them you will finally meet the best:) Yes it is me from the photo and i will be the one greet you at the door when arriving.

Why are you not replying to my text?

1. I receive a lot of contacts every day. As I am an independent escort, it takes time to read them through and reply accordingly so please bare with me. I try my best to get back to you as soon as possible unless I am on holiday.

2. If you didn't follow my instruction and/or the information you provided in your text is insufficient, I move onto the next text. Please include your preferred date, time and duration of the booking and any questions you might have that are not already covered on my website in your text for an efficient booking process.

3. I am very selective about my clientele. I reply to all the texts and emails that are considered to be genuine clients who I am willing to spend time with. If you don't hear from me after more than a couple of contacts please move on.

I hate sms can i call you?

I do not answer calls unless it is arranged to do so and i do not listen voice mail. my preferred contact method is sms or e-mail. if you do not follow my instruction you will simply miss out.

What if I go over the booked time?

I will try to be generous with time. Your time is very important and so is mine Please respect it by leaving on time. 

What will you be wearing when I meet?

Unless specific dress request is arranged, i will be wearing a tight cocktail dress